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Mowing is the backbone of any beautiful yard. Polished landscaping starts with the surrounding lawn which is why it's absolutely crucial that it's done well! Our mowing crew handles every lawn with the same care and intentionality, leaving your grass striped and better than ever!

Freshly Cut, Every Week

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you'll ever need!

The Only Plan

The full package designed to meet your exact lawn care needs, performed by our professional lawn crews! 

set the standard

SCENIC Essentials





The SCENIC Guarantee





  • The finishing touch to every mow, leaving your concrete and patio surfaces cleaner than before
  • Dispersing any excess mulch on lawn
  • Removing grass from gardens without disturbing mulch, rock or plants
  • Weekly, biweekly or monthly
  • Height levels customized to your preference
  • Clean, even cutting that leaves no blade behind
  • Care that doesn't leave tire tracks in your lawn
  • Entire property perimeter coverage
  • Independent objects (trees, gardens, etc)
  • Weed and brush clearing
  • Coverage for the sidewalks, walkways and patios on your property
  • Clean, straight edge lining all the borders of your lawn
  • Consistent care that always impresses

Don't settle for any less.  

Choosing SCENIC means choosing quality and care that delivers week after week.  Your review is the most important in our eyes and we'll do whatever it takes to leave you satisfied with very single cut!