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About Us

At Scenic, we set a higher standard for what it means to be an exceptional landscape group. When you purchase any of our services, you are guaranteed an experience that is like no other in the industry. By partnering with us, you're entrusting your property to a crew that is committed to your satisfaction. 

proven track record

Dedication to craft

Focus on satisfaction

You can rest assured knowing that each of our services is the result of years of growing from each victory and learning experience

We’re a team that is personally and professionally dedicated to the perfection of our craft, continually improving in skill and understanding

Our company model places an unprecedented focus on the satisfaction of each and every client we work with, valueing your trust above our own “bottom line”

The Scenic Story

Owners, Isaac and Joseph, started the company (originally "KC Lawnscapes LLC.") in 2019 with the desire to build new things, meet more people, and provide high-quality services! Since we started, we've learned a lot from our successes and failures. We've been blessed with amazing opportunities, employees, and (most importantly) customers!

In everything we do, we seek to honor one another, the people we serve, and Jesus Christ. We look forward to working with you! 

Isaac Rogers

Joseph Rogers

Phillip Bergthold



chief strategist


From left to right: Levi, Dawson, Isaac, Phillip, Joseph, Brandon, Gabe, Isaac

We value friendship and community with one another as much as we value the work that we do! Excellent work can only be accomplished by a fully-functioning team whose foundation is built on love, respect, and honor.




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